A Surprising Fact About Are You Busy or Productive Uncovered

A Surprising Fact About Are You Busy or Productive Uncovered

Be productive, advance your career, but people often mistake that they are busy with productivity. Whether you work from home or at the office, no matter how busy you are, the reality is that you will be measured by your performance.

Unanswered emails and callbacks are usually considered too busy. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the never-ending workload associated with thinking. The busier you are, the more value you have for the company. In some cases, super jobs are a sign of professional recognition that in some ways equals productivity.

The dual problem with work is that it can be a state of mind and an increase in workload. Knowing the difference between work and productivity can transform your career growth.

Highly productive people have certain habits that help them maintain a healthy, balanced day. Here are the habits they share and what you can do to make your day more productive.

They know how to prioritize their day 

Start in the morning with a healthy breakfast, exercise, or meditation on what you want to achieve today.

They know when to multitask 

Multitasking can be useful if used wisely but can be overused in a race for effectiveness. Giving yourself a few minutes to clear your mind before joining a meeting or conference call can help you avoid distractions and focus.

They know where they spend their time 

Productive people know when and when they are most effective. If your day goes by without much progress, it’s a good idea to review your time by writing down your activities. The results can be surprising: your heavy workload can deal with more distractions than you might think.

You’re on your lunch break

If you stay busy long enough without a mental breakdown, you often lose the focus and energy it takes to be effective. From time to time, you can have lunch while watching a presentation from your home. However, if you eat lunch regularly while traveling to keep yourself busy, you end up creating some unproductive habits that can impact your success.

You ask good questions to clarify goals

Ask open-ended questions if you need more information. Knowing the right timeframes, expectations, and objections will help you plan more effectively and minimize work on assumptions.

You are constantly training productivity 

Being productive takes good habits, and it takes time and practice. Just like exercise or a healthy diet, you make conscious choices.

You focus on quality over quantity

You can improve the quality of your time by viewing it as productive time rather than counting to-do lists. Authors Rosemary Tator and Alesia Latson view the source of productivity as a quality problem. 

In their book “More Time for You”, they define productivity as getting things done that are high quality for you, such as Spend time with your family without distractions. Productive people recognize the need for quality time versus quantity time without their full attention. You can improve the quality of your time by starting your day with a plan and decisions.

Don’t get too busy putting yourself to sleep to miss growth opportunities, have fun doing your job, and achieving your goals.

What habits make you feel productive? How do you learn to be productive?

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